Associate only with true people; sit beside a guru, or in a group seeking for spiritual enlightenment. Satsang is an Indian traditional activity for thousands of years when an enlightened person in the group gives a short talk and answers questions. In a Satsang environment, you feel the presence of God. This spiritual activity is the common practice among followers of Buddhism, Hinduism, Jainism and Sikhism.


1. Clarify doubts – You can ask questions about the science of spirituality and clear any doubts that one might have.

2. Share spiritual experiences – You will understand the spiritual significance behind them.
3. Spiritual presence – At a subtle level, you get the benefit of Divine consciousness (Chaitanya) to facilitate one’s spiritual practice.
4. Divine Consciousness – With a group of people chanting the Name of God all day, you feel sāttvik rays or the Divine consciousness.
5. Extra energy – Satsang revives you from within and feel as good as new by the end of the session.