Match making through Astrology and Numerology

Matchmaking is the practice of matching together two or more people usually for marriage purposes. In some cultures, matchmakers assumed professional roles. Today, you have software to help you.

4 reasons why matchmakers are used

  • Avoid going to bars, concerts, clubs and other markets to find a partner.
  • Steer clear of the risk of dating sites and pick-ups.
  • Saving oneself from the agony of waiting reply from personal ads and wasting your time & throwing away your hard-earned cash paying some matchmaking services.
  • No need to pay for generic singles events that are given by fly-by-night organizations.

What is Astrology?

It studies the movements and positions of celestial objects in divining information of a person’s affairs and terrestrial events. In the past, astrology was a well-guarded science in the occult and was only for learned and gifted practitioners.