Gemstones therapy, wearing jewellery made of certain gems to give you spiritual, emotional and psychological strength, is derived from chakra therapy.
Gemstones are different forms of crystal that have the ability to focus the energy of the universe. The means by which the gems do this is still unknown. Scientists discovered long ago that crystals are great at collecting and focusing electromagnetic energies. It is widely considered that the master gem is quartz. Mineral crystals are used to focus energy and it is believed that they each have a unique influence, healing property, and cosmic vibration. Gems can be worn only if they

have a good synergy with the wearer, like the individual’s aura and the stone’s vibrations are working together.We are beings of light, at our most basic level to our physical body we are just flowing life forces. Life forces comes from light that is the source of life itself. This is also represented as our aura. Gems and stones have natural vibrations that once they are within your aura change it. Our aura consists of visible light, infrared and ultraviolet colours. If there is too much or too little of one of these, it leads to illness. Gemstones can improve the way you function on a physical and emotional level.