What Palmistry is?

The history of Palmistry started in India, and then it spread to China, Egypt, and ancient Greece; eventually world-wide. Every part related to the hands is subject to its study.

Palmistry or Chiromancy is palm reading to discover an individual’s fortune, future and personality. It foretells the person’s career, his character traits, marriage, state of health, wisdom and lots more.
Which hand to read?
The right hand of female tells what are brought from birth and the left contains what have been accumulated through life.
The left hand of the male tells what are brought from birth and the right shows what have been accumulated through life.

Basic to palm reading

There are 4 major lines:

1. Heart line runs horizontally across the upper part of your palm. It indicates cardiac health. When the heart line begins in the middle, the individual is likely to fall in love easily.
2. Head line crosses horizontally from the middle of the palm. It shows the learning style of the person, his communication approach, intellectualism, and thirst for knowledge. If the line is curved, he is creative and spontaneous.
3. Life line begins just near the thumb and travels like an arc to the wrist. It predicts general sense of well-being, state of physical health and major changes in life. Life line does not reveal longevity. Its importance is related to resiliency in rising up after life’s hardships.
4. Fate line or line of destiny is the vertical line running up the palm towards the base of the middle finger. The line appears at the age of 5. It the line is absent, it indicates that you always change your job and don’t have a permanent occupation in your life.