Everyone has a lucky number. When you have your lucky numbers, you can use fewer efforts in searching for venues that are profitable in your life that people usually call “luck” Your lucky number – which you can easily determine by your birth date – reveals a lot about you. It is easy to compute for your lucky number, add all digits in your birth date until you reach the number between 1 and 9. For example, Betsy Cooper’s birthday was 7/26/1943.To find her lucky number, add all digits 7+2+6+1+9+4+3, which total 32. Then add the total digits 3+2 – making her lucky number 5. Your own lucky number tells you about your personality, determine what type of person you are and the paths you follow during your lifetime.

Your lucky number in gemstones

  • Gem Stone for No. 1

Lucky No. 1 is for Ruby. Fortune or your luck is powerfully enhanced. An alternate is Yellow Sapphire and Topaz. They are your lucky stones for health improvement and achieving success in all actions, deeds and entire life.

  • Gem Stone for No. 2

Lucky No. 2 goes to Pearl for good fortune and abundant luck. Jade, Moon Stone, and Tiger’s Eye are good alternatives. They improve your health and open the door to life’s success. Wear the silver ring in the smallest finger in your right hand. Jade’s medical power relieves your stomach disorders. The Tigers Eye is good for your children.

  • Gems stone for No. 3

Violet color Amethyst is right for No. 3. It prevents you forever from becoming over intoxicated, improves your health and gives you abundant success in your actions enhances your luck abundantly. Yellow Sapphire with its golden hue is the best alternative. Use your gem in your left hand, in your ring finger, studding it over gold.

  • Gems stone for No. 4

Garnet is best gem according for No. 4. And it is acclaimed as luck enhancer. Next best choice is Blue Sapphire with the blue light color. Alternatively Opal can also be used.

  • Gems stone for No. 5

No. 5 best gem is Diamond. It must be genuine and it has to shine with the glow of the light. Next choice is Zircon.

  • Gems stone for No. 6

The best suited gem is flawless and lustrous Emerald with alternate circular or opal size structure. The stone give mental strength, self-confidence, and immense happiness.

  • Gems stone for No.7

Lucky number 7 gem is Cat’s Eye. Among its benefits is fortune enhancer and adds strength to your body and mind.

  • Gems stone for No. 8

Blue Sapphire is the ideal gem for No. 8. Test this gem by putting stone in a piece of glass of milk and appearance of bluish layer proves it is a good gem. High quality Sapphire showers good luck.

  • Gems stone for No. 9

Coral is the best suited gem for number nine. It removes blood related diseases and showers immense Luck. It gives you victory over your enemies. It bestows health and riches.

All Navratna gems have their lucky numbers whether as pendents, rings, bracelets, etc. Or made from any kind of materials as gold, silver, platinum or mixed metals. The only important thing is to find your lucky number by using your date of birth; Prices are different based on the craftsmanship, design, style and gems utilized.

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