Your business should be a place you enjoy but can also be a source of stress especially if you have some incompatible employees. We will use our healing techniques so that your business can be a happier and more enjoyable place for you, your employees and most importantly your customers.

For all packages, we will need you to provide your address and a picture of the front and back of your business. You may provide a picture of every room if you want.

We will also use techniques to bring you wealth and good development. Any special request, items or services we can provide, just ask.

Happy business

Basic Package

Everyday* we will perform energy balancing techniques to make your business happy.

We will send distance healing, you may need to buy few items like candles or crystals depending on the energy of your business.

Happy business

Advance Package

You will need to provide the names and date of birth and mother’s name of all the individuals (if possible provide full pictures).

Provides all the services of the basic package using stronger and more personally affecting techniques.

Happy business

Premium Package

This package includes all services and any special requests made.

This is the most tailored and powerful package we offer.

Contact us for getting details about this package.

Happy business

Business Setup

This is a premium service, as we will be closely involved with the setup of your business from the ground up. We will provide the foundation your business needs. We will provide advice for:

  • Location
  • Logo
  • Website
  • Name
  • Construction

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