Energized Products

Do you want the most powerful item/product according to your needs, we can do the Healing/Charging of the thing/item as per your needs, we utilize a blend of couple of ancient and modern systems to do the procedure, the total procedure will take 21 days to Charge/Heal the thing/item. This procedure will experience many steps like keeping the item/thing in Sun Light and Moon Light individually for 4 nonstop Days and Nights. At that point keeping the thing/item in Pyramid for 3 Days and Nights. At that point the thing/item will be kept with various Shapes and various Numbers, Colors, Metals, Gems/Stones and Astrological/Numerological stuff to give the power of all the known or suitable and mysterious qualities. At that point we will charge/heal the item/thing as indicated by your requirements/wants, utilizing diverse ancient and modern healing/charging strategies as indicated by your chart or readings in view of your name, date of birth and place of habitation and where you were born. In some cases we require further details from you.

We can Charge/Heal any Product/Item mentioned on the Website

The procedure may change as indicated by your reading, chart and need. A few stages can be included or erased. The entire procedure is not same for each situation, however few stages are same for every situation. The speculations, idea and steps are not in view of any religious practice, the item/thing can be utilized by any individual with any religious perspectives. In any case on the off chance that you require Few additional means to include in the charging/healing process according to your religious values then our team of various religious foundation can satisfy your demand.

We require: Your Full Name, Date of Birth, Place of Birth, Time of Birth, Place Currently Living In and Your Desired Outcome. Kindly note we charge/heal each thing independently and it’s a long procedure of 21 days for a single thing. Therefore the delivery of the item may take longer and subject to the local/global postal framework terms.

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